Monday, July 28, 2008

end of the world

sorry about the random i am on my way home from a whirlwind tour of northen mozambique. my friend natalie and i used our 2 week break from school to heat north. we went to this place called lichinga...otherwise known as the end of the world. it took us 5 days to get there and 4 to get home, but it was definatly a fun journey. we basically hitchhiked all the way there, and some of hte people that gave us rides were hilarious. we got one from this semi truck driver and part way he got out his digital camera and then we all had to get our tof the truck and take pictures with him in front of hte was super funny. i am highly suggesting that any one and everyone come visit mozambique because it is beautiful, and well...i kind of miss you guys! i hope that all is well at home!
linds :)

Sunday, July 13, 2008


so it has been way too long since i last wrote,sorry! i am kind of stupid and ruined my flash drive, so now it takes me forever to type these things when i am actually at the internet. i hope that evryone at home is doing well. things are mozmabique are good for the most part, you know...besides having daily cravings for mexican food. i just finished my 2nd trimester, so that means only 4 more to go until i am done being a teacher! woo hoo! i hope that everyone had wonderful 4th of july weekends. we had a bunch of our pc friends come to our house and it was fun, definalty not like being in america though, but we made the best of it. lets see random funny stories from the past few months. on wednesday morning i saw all my little best friends going out into the bush like they do everday, but then when they finally came out at about 3 they had caught and killed 47 field mice that they were going to take home and eat! i took a picture, and it almost made me vomit just because i hate mice so much, but they were having a heck of the time with them. and yesterday when i got to the city there was a woman who had a basked full of grilled mice that she was selling, kinda crazy huh!ohh ya the president(of mozambique) also visited about 3 or 4 weeks ago. and i got to shake his hand and he asked me if i was a teacher and what subject i taught, and ya it iwas in portuguese so i felt kind of cool. i think i have already told you this but i started taking shona( local language) lessons, and they are coming along pretty slowly, but yesterday our language tutor walked to villa with me and he was telling me what all the kids were saying and it was quite funny. when the kids would walk far from their houses the other kids would yell at them and tell them that they were going to get stolen, it was kind of making me laugh. i hope you are all well at home!
love and miss you all!
linds :)