Monday, February 9, 2009

hi everyone! so school is finally starting again, and i am kind of excite to have something to do again. i am going to be teaching my same students as last year, and i dont really know how i feel about that. on the first day of class i went in and had one class get up and start cheering, and another class that literally moaned when i walked in the class room. made me laugh. carrie and i made the schedules this year, and we are extermely lucky and are only working in the class room tuesday,wednesday and thursday. i am very excited about that! last week one of my favorite students came over, and he was really concerned about something, so we sat down and started talking, and he was telling me how he thinks that he had a curse put on him. he said that everyone else in his family had stopped studying after 7th grade, and that they are all angry and dont understand why he wants to keep studying, so someone in his family went to the witch doctor and had a curse put on him so that he would become crazy. i was trying to explain to him that i dont belive in the witch doctor, while at the same time trying not to make him feel bad, and it was really hard. he went to the traditional healer, and apparently got some medication so that he wouldnt beocome crazy. but i found it so hard to believe that one of my best and smartest students believes in it. i guess that i had always thought that well educated and intelligent people were "above it" for some reason. when he came to my house he was terrified. other random stories....walking home from the market a few days ago we had a ton of amazingly cute little kids come running up to us with cement powder all over their faces saying that they were muzungu like us because they thought that they looked white... we have 5 watermelon growing in our front yard and i am so excited for the to ripen that i can hardly wait... i kind of love mozambique...and i love and miss you all!
linds :)