Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Happy Holidays!

Merry Christmas, although it certainly doesnt feel like christmas to me when it is over 80 outside...oops sorry that wasnt very nice to all of you who happen to be dealing with the snow. I hope that everything is going well back stateside. life in africa has been of eventful. after spending about a week in maputo(the capital of mozambique) i went to Swazliand to Hlane game reserve, and it was FANTASTIC! even though i had been living in africa for over a year the only thing i had seen was a baboon, but at the game reserve i saw crocs, hippos, rhinos, zebras, giraffes,warthogs,impala,elephants,lions, and dung beetles.it was amazing. the elephants were so close to the truck that i honestly was scared for a bit,they are HUGE! both nights that i was there we had massive thunderstorms, with lions roaring...just a little african touch. unfortunatly i dont have any pictures because my camera was stolen again. Also in swazi i went to the incwala cermony. it is basically the first fruits ceremony where the king eats the first fruits of the harvest, therefore giving the rest of the popluation permission to enjoy the harvest as well.very very interesting...the kind has 13 wives! after swazi i went to durban south africa, but left rather quick like because i am still not a real fan of cities. i then headed to a place called coffee bay and hung out at the beach for a few days. after coffee bay i went to east london where i got to spend some days with my wonderful friend amanda. i stayed with her family for a few nights and it was fantastic. not too much exciting happening now...hanging out in pertoria for christmas, and then back to mozambique in january. love and miss you all!

ohh ya my phone number here is 0797327879
i think you have to dail 02779327879 or maybe 002779327879, not sure...that is my south africa number, so i will have it until the end of december/early jan!

Monday, December 8, 2008

back again

hello hello...back again! so my life in mozambique has been pretty exciting for the past few weeks, not really, but more exciting than normal. lets see...we had some kids threaten that they were going to the witch doctor to have a spell put on us because we stole their soccer ball after they continually kicked it in our yard, and the threat was rather entertaining because all of the neighbors were really worried. i was on holidays for a little while, and was unfortunatly bitten by a dog, and had to be flown to maputo(the capital) for rabies shots, thank goodness we had already been vacinated because i am not sure how well i would have dealt with shots for 21 days. it is so crazy being in the city as compared to my life in the bush, there are resturants and grocery stores...its kinda weird. and some places even have christmas decorations up! so i guess things really havent been that excting... just wanted to check in and say hi! love and miss you all!