Sunday, October 18, 2009

1 month 1 day!

just one month and one day until i am done with peace corps! as excited as i am to be done i am getting terribly sad to leave. my trip home was amazing! it was so wonderful to see everyone. while i was there my great aunt and uncle dory and rube gave me some jewlery to bring back to the kids, and as i was crossing the border i had a nice little argument with the border gaurd because he was sure that i was going to come back here to sell it, when i told him that it was for my students he said that if i was a teacher that i would know to bring books back, and i said that next time if he wants to carry 350 books for me that i will bring them, that seemed to shut him up and he put my bag right back in the car. last weeek we had our last teachers day celebration which was really fun, just a day of hanging out with our colleagues and dancing, and other than that not too much exciting has happened. love and miss you all! see you in a few weeks
linds :)