Sunday, September 23, 2007


hey everyone just wanted to let you know that i made it safely to philly. i am having a lot of fun so far and i have met a ton of really cool people. i hope all is well. i miss everyone already :)

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

so now i am really starting to stress... 5 days to go( why am i wasting time on here?) i have packed and repacked my bags about eight hundred times and i am struggling to make this 80 pound weight limit. ohh did i mention before that we have to pack everything we need into 2 bages weighing no more than 80 pounds. it seems easy, but really its tough. i feel so shallow because i am sure many things that i am bringing as necessities are probably luxuries for other people...ohh goodness. but beyond the packing everything is good. i am getting so excited to leave, but at the same time i am finally beginning to realize that this is really 2 years. back to the packing. hope everyone is writing lots of letters :P